The Junior League of Spokane welcomes all women with a passion for and commitment to voluntarism. 


We are united by our desire to be engaged in our community, to surround ourselves with women leaders, and to expand our skillsets and our connections within the community.   


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Members of the Junior League of Spokane (JLS) will have the opportunity to make friends and network with women who are committed to making Spokane (and the world) a better place; learn more about Spokane and its needs; share and expand your skill set--including leadership, fundraising, advocacy, program development, finance; and much more!


The Junior League of Spokane is part of the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI), which is comprised of 293 leagues across the US, Canada, the UK and Mexico.  Our membership in AJLI grants us access to resources and training opportunities, as well as the ability for members to transfer between leagues if they move.    


Members of the JLS contribute to the work of the Junior League by sitting on or chairing committees to raise funds; design and implement community projects; recruit, retain, and train our membership; and communicate about our work internally and externally.  We also staff shifts at our major events (both fundraisers and community projects), attend general membership meetings for training and information, and pay dues.


Q Who can join the Junior League of Spokane?


A The Junior League welcomes all women who value our Mission--that is, who are committed to voluntarism and who hope to develop their potential to change their communities through volunteer training. We ask that all new members have at least 22 years of age by Oct. 15 in the year that they join.  


Q What happens when I join?


A There’s a new member training program that lasts for a several months, during which you learn about the JLS and collaborate on a community project with the rest of your new member cohort.  Once you’ve completed that, you will be voted into active membership.


Q What’s active membership?


A Active members are the voting members of our organization.  They keep the League running, by working on committees and the Board.  New members are welcome to join committees during their training period.


Q When can I join?


A There are typically two new member training cohorts per year.  The first starts on the third Tuesday of September and the second on the third Tuesday of February.  


Q I think you mentioned dues?


A Indeed.  Dues help fund our trainings and provide for meeting spaces, as well as our membership in the AJLI.  New member dues are $135 for new members starting in the fall and $75 for new members starting in the spring.  These dues are mainly tax-deductible (please contact us for details).  


Q How can I learn more?


A Check out our calendar of events for upcoming Meet-the-JLS events or email


Check out our Facebook page for more information


The Junior League of Spokane is pleased to announce our new JLS Dues Scholarship for the 2019-2020 year. All active members are eligible to apply. Please fill out this application form and submit it to the Treasurer by October 1st, 2019.