The Junior League of Spokane is a non-profit organization that brings together dedicated and creative women members from varying backgrounds and interests who share a commitment to volunteering and leader development.

The Junior League of Spokane

Since our founding in 1925, the Junior League of Spokane has been at the forefront of social reform, identifying problems and finding solutions. We are an army of women empowered as agents of positive change tackling childhood literacy within our community.

It starts with a woman.  

Whether in the public eye or behind the scenes, Junior League women are committed to moving society forward—challenging the status quo, disrupting convention to ensure a better future for all.Because tomorrow there will be new, unforeseen challenges. And the women of The Junior League will be there, unrelenting voices for action, justice, and meaningful, lasting change.

We nurture women to fulfill their potential.

The true leaders in our society are the individuals whose insights, ideas and relationships enable them to change the lives of those who live in their neighborhoods and nations for the better. Members of The Junior League are trained to recognize a deficiency in a system such as education, transportation or healthcare. To fix the problem, they rally together with their allies from a variety of community entities. Together these partners then produce and implement a plan that addresses the problem.